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Mega Fortune is now synonymous with record-breaking jackpots and has been crowned the best online slot game twice. The most recent winner on this website managed to win a whopping €17.8 million, which is a record-breaking amount.

It’s not like this is the end for them either. They are going to continue breaking records and crowning millionaires. Why would you want to try out the slots anywhere else?

The game has been designed in order to give slot players a very exciting casino game experience. There are a host of features which make this the ultimate game in terms of progressive jackpots. It’s time you joined the fun, the jackpot is increasing each and every day and is going to make another person really rich. Who says it couldn’t be you?

Mega Fortune is a classic five-reel, three-row, twenty-five bet multiple coin video slot which features amazing scatter wins, multiple free spins, wild substitutes and an amazing bonus game with triple jackpots. You don’t have to spend any money either. You can try it out for free initially.

This game is a progressive slot game, which means whenever anyone plays on the slot machines, they add money to the total jackpot. That’s why the grand prize is certain to make anyone who wins a millionaire overnight.

All you need to do is play the online slots, get three bonus symbols, get the bonus game going and you could end up winning either the Major Jackpot, Rapid Jackpot or Mega Jackpot. Just spin the wheel and you could be a millionaire tomorrow.

Right now, fans of video slots from all over the world have begun playing this game. It’s about time you took your chance at winning the largest progressive slot as of now with a fun and exciting game which will certainly keep you entertained.

Where to play Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams?

In the UK there’s plenty of ways to find a casino that offers Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams, but it might not be just as simple as you think! So first of all the casino you choose should be regulated with the UK Gambling Commission, then they need to have NetEnt as a slot provider, but not only that, not all NetEnt casinos can offer Mega Fortune. For example, a newly started casino (updated: we found Bonushos guide to new casinos far better) might not be able to afford the cost of Mega Fortune since it’s a progressive jackpot game. The same applies to casinos that want’s to offer Mega Fortune Dreams. That being said, some new casinos (some can be found here) do offer Mega Fortune and Dreams although they are brand new casino sites. In the end, all comes down to money.

NetEnt, which is the provider, has over 200 clients and you can find NetEnt games at over a whopping 700 different online casinos. NetEnt studios employes over a thousand people and have offices all over the world. You can read more about NetEnt on their website.