Winners and Jackpot Payouts

There is a long line of winners when it comes to the Mega Fortune jackpot.

One of the most recent players who had become a multi-millionaire within a matter of minutes also made their way to the Guinness Book of World Records. They won a jackpot which was worth an unbelievable €17.8 million. That’s worth a lot of time and energy, right?

There was also a thirty three year old woman who lived in the Netherlands who had won €4.3 million from the Mega Fortune jackpot. That’s more than enough to retire happily, wouldn’t you say?

And finally, there was also a lucky player residing in Sweden who won an amazing €3.9 million with the help of a bet that was worth just £1.

These are just the top three Mega Jackpot winners. There have been quite a few other winners too. There is no reason why the next one can’t be you. That’s why you need to go online and check out how well you are at this simple slot game right away. Players from all over the world have been winning real money on Mega Fortune.

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The winners list on Mega Fortune keeps on increasing every day. So why should you wait? Start playing right away and become a part of this list. And even if you don’t want to spend money while trying out the game, you can still play it for free.