About the creators at NetEnt (Net Entertainment)

Net Entertainment productions is a very reliable software development company which creates a number of unique and entertaining casino games. It is one of the most popular developers of casino games in the world today. This company is based out of Malta and Sweden. The company has a total of six hundred employees working for it and the primary concern of each of the employees is to develop and produce new casino games.

The games that they develop are quite attractive for players. Aside from being very realistic and challenging, they also offer players a real chance at winning quite a lot of money. When you are playing at any casino which uses their software, you are almost guaranteed a high payout percentage.

Any NetEnt casino, obviously, uses the NetEnt software. This means that you are guaranteed a beautifully designed gaming experience. Apart from this, as already mentioned, the games have a high payout percentage. This means that player are going to be able to win higher prizes in a shorter period of time. The software runs on Flash and this means that players are able to play a number of different games directly from their browsers without the need to install any software’s.

You have the chance to win some really beautiful prizes at the NetEnt casino. The progressive jackpots are one major part of this and they are available in the pooled as well as the local version of the game. In the pooled version, the jackpots are combined. You have the chance of winning bigger jackpots this way since it is compiled from multiple players. The local version is filled just from the casino in which you are playing. This is why the prizes here rise so dramatically and are so attractive. So why don’t you start playing at a NetEnt casino today.